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Board Etiquette

Postby Ceri the Urt » Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:37 pm

Posting Etiquette.

Make sure to stick to the topic of the post. If the topic spurns a thought that could support it's own topic, then start a new one.

No flaming, trolling, stalking, slandering, or racial comments.

Some posts may make you want to jump up and scream, however this usually leads to insults instead of thoughtful counterposts. Before you post, step back and ask yourself three things. 1. is it worth it 2.Will my post contribute to the thread in a helpful way 3. Do I understand the entire situation.

As angry as you might get at someone, resorting to calling the person "names" telling them they are stupid, ignorant, etc is only discrediting what you have to say. When you drop to their level, you lose all creditability yourself.

AGREE TO DISAGREE! Sometimes it's the people who can walk AWAY first who make the biggest impact. You DON'T always need to get the last word. If you have been fighting in circles for five pages straight...walk away. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

These boards were created for discussion, debate, advertisement, and to meet other like minded people, but mainly they are here to help teach those interested in gor, a little about the Gorean community. That being said, when a new person asks a question they should be met with an honest ANSWER. Not with rude comments, belittlement, or ego.

The boards WILL be purged of any posts that have NOT been looked at for over 6 months. So if you wish to find a post from the past, and no one has opened that post to simply read it in 6 months, it is probably not going to be there. Any members who have not signed onto the boards in over a year will also be purged.

Please remember, not everyone who posts on the boards is fluent in English. Before you react, or overreact to a post, sit back and take into account what the persons first language is. If that persons post was clearly written, or if perhaps they are having trouble expressing their thoughts.

Please do not quote entire posts within a thread. If you wish to direct a comment to a particular person, please address them by name, and if you need to make a specific point about a comment, post only that comment.
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