Law of the Sardar

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Law of the Sardar

Postby Garian » Thu Dec 10, 2015 5:32 pm

Greetings travelers,

You may have come by air, land, or water. It may have taken you hours, days, weeks, or months. All walks of life are welcome here. Survive the trek and live to tell about it at the Sardar.

Law (IC):
● Merchant law rules here.
Other than that, the Sardar is under divine protection by the Priest-Kings, enforcing that there be no combat and no forced enslaving.

(Beyond the outer perimeter is the best location to roleplay combat/enslaving scenarios.)

Rule (OOC):
● Consensual storyline based RP.
This may be any sized paragraph roleplay. Other elements, such as visuals/meter, are only to enhance this.

Se'Var Fair - December 15th-22nd

To learn more, bring your story in and roleplay.

RP Mods: Garian (Garian.Vidor) and Kaida (WannaMakeMe). Contact with any RP issues.

Upon entry into the sim you must be over 18 and you agree that you abide by the rule, that you understand roleplay etiquette, that you understand the theme of Gor, and that you agree to any final ruling made by an RP mod.

I wish you well

"In the heart of every male, there is a Gorean, even if only a secret, concealed Gorean."
Rebels of Gor

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