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.PoshTale. ~ New Releases and FF15!

Postby Lilyfame » Wed Apr 29, 2015 2:42 pm

.PoshTale. is happy to be part of the Fantasy Faire 2015! We have two new designs that are only available during this event. FF15 opened on April 23rd and ends on May 3rd, so get them while you can!

Our in-world FF15 store is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/I ... /77/129/44

** Cequi Dress and Accessories (for ladies)


The all in one package contains the SE Royals, Bold and Pastels. It also includes a separate HUD for adding even more mix and match options convenience to the bracers and collar. All for @499L

The SE Royals pack, which is 8 colour options in gold and silver accented, @299L

There are two other sets, a Bold and a Pastels, @199L ea.

The accessories are a rigged wide leather collar and leather arm bracers. Dress and collar are in 5 standard sizes and fit Slink & The Shops mesh avatars very well. (other mesh bodies not tested)
The bracers are not rigged, and they are modify to achieve a perfect fit.

** Siirist 3 piece ensemble (for gents)


The all in one package contains all of the colour sets for a total of 12 options, @499L
There are three other sets of 4 colours each for sale @199L

The ensemble is a scarf, shirt and pants in mesh in 5 standard sizes and the HUDs let you mix and match to your hearts content.

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