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Sabina Takakura
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Re: Rovere

Postby Sabina Takakura » Fri Aug 07, 2015 9:15 am

Manon Seid wrote:Well fought!!

Looking forward to hearing the continuation - wether in Rovere or somewhere else.
I feel inspired to go try this approach out in various sims too - you think they would sharpen up if they all got reviews like this on forums?

I don't know if they will, but I had a good time with it. By writing the review, it was a little easier to step back and just laugh when it got really silly.

When I left, I sent this thread to the sim owner, who replied with an apology. He asked that I don't judge the whole sim by the one slaver (Which I think is more than fair) and asked me to come back and try being a tavern girl (which he runs). I think I might give it a go, but I'm still a bit unconvinced that the people who RP there (not the sim owner) even understand that it's a problem.
I can't say everyone there is terrible. That's just not true of any sim you encounter, but it was enough. I kind of wonder if all these notecards about staying in character and thought emotes shouldn't be sent to the people playing free characters, rather than slaves. Harsh as that may sound, I encounter it far more with them than anyone else.

I'd love to see good honest reviews from people here. It would help a lot I think for those still trying to find a place where they fit. I say honest, but I know we're all biased a bit depending on what we prefer in a sim. I hope everyone takes my reviews with a grain of salt if only for that reason.
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Manon Seid
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Re: Rovere

Postby Manon Seid » Fri Aug 07, 2015 11:55 am

I must admit i feel for the sim owner. Its nearly impossible to fix issues like these.

If he tries to educate people he will be accused of micromanaging. And if he lets people play what they want... Well you get sims with all the other issues - being accused of being GE because of whatever creative ideas the resident roleplayers decide to play out usually. Orrr this nice example of IC/OOC crossover when one roleplayer who is not crystal clear on the issue is in a position that will more or less be the sims face to newcomers and visitors. Sadly the people with a clear idea will burn out quickly in a position like that and you will be back at square one.

I have no idea how to solve that riddle as a sim owner i must admit. Hence why my sim just kinda lays there for anyone to use if they like, but with no mods and no grand expectations of crowds of epic roleplayers driving storylines for the community. It's super low maintenance, no headaches, and next to no visitors hah!
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Sabina Takakura
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Re: Rovere

Postby Sabina Takakura » Fri Aug 07, 2015 1:50 pm

You're right, that is a tough spot for a sim owner. The only advice I could possibly give is lead by example. Try and find a few players that are good at what they do, whatever role they play, and set them in lead positions to again lead by example.

I'd really love to see other people's adventures in these places, too. I'm curious if it's going to be similar, or entirely different. I'd also like to see if it's different based on what type of character you play. I say go for it!
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Re: Rovere

Postby Qingwen » Sat Aug 08, 2015 4:37 am

I was curious about Rovere so went to check it out as FW musician character. Gate guard was friendly and welcoming once I stated my business, and all the slave characters (female and male) that I encountered acknowledged me and I had a couple mini scenes with 2 of them. Some also IM'd to say welcome and thanks for the rp.
As for the FW and FM.. oh dear. Apart from the gate guard, all completely ignored me, except one who nodded to me as he interrupted my rp with a slave.

My visit was very brief. So would probably give it another shot.

Sim itself is nice enough build. It does have some pretty spots, like the bath house. And I like the approach to the gates. City is rather clean though.. I was humming the "Welcome to Duloc" song from Shrek as I walked through it
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Re: Rovere

Postby Sasi » Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:16 am

I took a look at Rovere and saw the former first girl of Brundisium, the one who wanted to teach my Gorean native adult slave character about drinks, fruits and vegetables and who some day, in group chat, exclaimed "Slaves wear perfumes??"

Had on her profile:

"Gifted to the scarelettes caste to assist with upkeep of the compound and anything the warriors may require.

06/25/15 Gifted to (master's name), renamed (slave's name). Red caste kajira and allowed to train raid slaves for Rovere. A new journey begins."

Oh my.... "scarelettes"..... Lol lol!

She was the wench who imposed such training in Brundisium (the NC was at her name):

Each key location around the village has a small grey plaque with a number on it. You've had your tour, now to see how well you remember.
There are 18 locations you need to know so that you can give an informed tour to the free visitors. Put the number beside the name of the building and once competed had back to the slaver or 1st girl.

Administration Building
Bath house
Black Caste Compound
Builders HoC office
Home Stone
Main Gate
Private Housing
Safe room
Scarlettes Compound
Scribes Hall

No wonder why I didn't last in Brundisium and it would be likely the same in Rovere if I tried again to play a state slave.....
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Sabina Takakura
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Re: Rovere

Postby Sabina Takakura » Sun Aug 09, 2015 12:32 am


As I mentioned before, I showed this thread to the sim owner. He and I talked for a bit, and he suggested I come play a tavern slave. I had my doubts, because overall the RP on the sim didn't seem that fantastic.
In the interest of finding good where I could find it though, I did go back. After a short scene I got set up with the tavern, then head out to meet the other girls who worked there.

Once again, the free we were roleplaying with were lack-luster at best, giving conflicting orders and then blaming it on the slaves, but the slaves? Stunning roleplayers. All of them.
Every. Single. One. of the girls I roleplayed with had actual characters, put serious thought behind their posts, didn't just roll right over what was posted at them, and immediately I was drawn into their stories.
I can't stress this enough, the slaves in the tavern are probably the best roleplayers I've seen on sim, hands down, no question about it.

That alone, makes it worth it.
There have been no OOC obligations put on me (relief) no silly requests, and all the slave players seem to take the strange IC requests in stride.
My character got stuck serving a guy who was admittedly very strange (he made her eat sand LOL) but at least it was interesting RP, and a good, long, scene.

I think in the end, the thing to remember with any sim, is that it's a continual work in progress. I can tell the sim owner wants it to be a good place, I can tell there are some brilliant storyweavers here, I can also tell there are some derptacular folks who are going to be a pain. What I think I'd like to take away from this, is that the sim owner DID listen, and made steps to make it better. That says a lot about it.

So don't write off Rovere entirely yet. A sim owner willing to listen to concerns is a rare thing.
Oh, and if you want a good scene? Go to the tavern. I promise all the girls there are brilliant A+

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