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Sabina Takakura
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Postby Sabina Takakura » Wed Aug 05, 2015 10:11 pm

So I decided to hop on my slave and see what I could find. It's hard for me to play a slave, because most of the time I feel as if my creativity is blocked by rigid assumptions in the genre, but after reading some of Fe's posts, I decided I wanted to try it with a new outlook. Emphasis on try. I make no promises.

First stop? Rovere.

I came up with a reasonable story as to why I was unowned, and had every intention of just joining the city kennels. I love that sort of RP. Some of my best RP was in a slaver's house (Miss u, Fe.) and I guess a part of me wanted that back, especially RP with other slaves.

I pop in, talk to the first person I see, and explain the situation. Instead of turning me into the city kennels, he decides to have me serve. All cool, I just flow with the RP. Added bonus, another unowned slave was pulled into the RP as well, and she turned out to be awesome. We had a great dynamic of being playful and a little jealous/spiteful of each other, but it was clear there was no OOC going on, just happy pretendy fun times.
Till it came to collar time.
He lashed my character, which was all well and good, but then he asked if I wanted to stay with him, or join the city. I responded with what I thought my character was going to do, which was - She did not have a choice. Basically a "whatever you want, master." type thing.
It was a neat scene IMO, kind of delving into the question of how much freedom a slave truly has, but instead of it continuing, PING. My IMs go off. Names are changed.

[16:57] MassuhX (massuhX): im sorry im taking longer and im just recomposing myself . submission did happen alot in Gor . i totally understand your point but there are laws to follow. if i collar you ill get in trouble with the law here . as we are in the city . and trust me ive been in Gor 14 years. im not one of them Disney wannabees
[16:58] DiscoChicken (DiscoChicken): Can we keep it IC please?
[16:58] MassuhX (MassuhX): omg

Next thing I know, he's tossing her clothes at her, then dragging her through the city by her hair and even emoting my responses. (Apparently my back exploded in burning pain, my head hurt, etc.) He drops me off at the warrior barracks, where a kindly warrior (Bless this guy, I think he's not jaded yet.) kindly asked in my IMs a few questions without being rude. Things like... "is your collar scripted?" and "I have to go soon, but thank you for XYZ." and other polite responses.

So far, Rovere is at a 1:1 for me.

My gal gets dropped off at the slaver's house, and no sooner does the scene start where presumably she'll be given intake, before another slave pops in to pound out a one-liner about a free woman dressed inappropriately, and the slaver needed to go deal with it.
He left without waiting for my response, and left me with a woman who was presumably to continue the RP. So, I post, wait, and about 5 minutes later she walked off. No response. Nothing. Just... walked off.

So, I IM the slaver and explain that if they're busy, it's cool. I can find another place to RP.
[18:40] SlaverGuy (SlaverGuy): do what
[18:40] SlaverGuy (SlaverGuy): she walked off?
[18:40] DiscoChicken (DiscoChicken): Yeah, after I posted. With no response. She's not the first to do it, either.
[18:40] SlaverGuy (SlaverGuy): idk what her deal was
[18:40] SlaverGuy (SlaverGuy): who else did it
[18:40] SlaverGuy (SlaverGuy): i do not tolerate that
[18:41] DiscoChicken (DiscoChicken): I'm not picky, and I don't want to start a thing. Maybe you guys just don't have time and that's cool too! But No sense in me just standing around with no RP if that's the case. I can move on, no harm, no foul.
[18:42] SlaverGuy (SlaverGuy): no that is not true either this place is great i will correct this
[18:43] DiscoChicken (DiscoChicken): Alright, well, I'll hold off and just go shopping. Can you let me know when you're available for a scene? That way I'm not waiting on you, and you aren't obligated on this end.
[18:43] SlaverGuy (SlaverGuy): stay put
[18:43] SlaverGuy (SlaverGuy): the woman is coming back i sent her back
[18:43] SlaverGuy (SlaverGuy): stay right there till i can get there

While the guy seemed to want to make it right, I was a little unnerved by his ordering tone. Then again, it's super hard to read tone from text, so I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt and just roll with it. He did want to fix the issue.
Chick comes back, sure enough, and then I get this.

[18:45] WalkedAway (WalkedAway): i am sorry i ned to go welcime to rovere

Ok, cool. Life happens, I ain't mad at ya, but I am sure as hell counting down how long I'm waiting alone with no RP stuck inside a locked building instead of shopping. I mean, do they even know that WLRP opened yesterday? Probably not, if we're looking at their clothes and hair. Maybe I'll MP shop and randomly send the warriors some non-flexi hair while I'm waiting.

Rovere is at 2:2, it's been a half hour of me waiting with no response in IM or IC. I'll post updates later.
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Re: Rovere

Postby Solaris » Wed Aug 05, 2015 10:40 pm

I went there with my kajirus, who was yes, armed to protect me as why he was bought, to check the sim out. We get inside, start looking around and a 'mod' ims the kajiurs telling him to take off his weapons as it is against sim rules. He asks if that can all be rpd out please, as that is what we were there for, role play. He was then told that he would be ejected if he did not comply with the mod. So he was pretty well metagamed by a camming moderator who had nothing better to do then threaten OOC to just eject, we just ended up tping out, and will never be back.
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Sabina Takakura
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Re: Rovere

Postby Sabina Takakura » Wed Aug 05, 2015 11:32 pm

Total time spent with no RP: 1 hour.

A couple people camped outside the door, but never posted. In that hour I tried on all my hairs, contemplated if they made my butt look too big, made dinner, watched a mesmer video on youtube in prep for the upcoming GW2 Heart of Thorns Beta, and mourned the loss of an hour of my life doing basically nothing. Upside is, the new Mesmer skills look awesome. Chronomancer? Yes pls.

Alas, my benefit of the doubt was misplaced. This is how the conversation and intake proceeded. It was very clearly a mix of IC and OOC, and throughout, I tried to keep my responses firm but polite. I'd welcome any input on how you think I could deal with this better in the future. I sense it will be a continual thing in my adventures.

[19:46] Second Life: Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy) has given you this object:
House of Rovere Collar - OC 3.997
Do you want to keep it? "Mute" will block all future offers or messages from Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy).
[19:47] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): put that on and add me
[19:47] Disco Chicken (DiscoChicken): No thanks, I have a collar, but it's unscripted. I can RP it out!
[19:47] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): no
[19:47]Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): put that on
[19:47] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): im about to rp collaring you
[19:47] Disco Chicken (DiscoChicken): There is a collar on, we can just use that :)
[19:48] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): no
[19:48] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): there is a reason
[19:48] Disco Chicken (DiscoChicken): And that is?
[19:48]Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): you are being processed
[19:48] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): do as i say
[19:48] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): did you read local
[19:48] Disco Chicken (DiscoChicken): That's an IC thing, not an OOC thing.
[19:48] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): i called you
[19:49] Disco Chicken (DiscoChicken): I'm trying to post, but I'm incapable of posting in local if I am in IMs

After that, Rovere got a solid - 2, so we're at 2:4, leaning toward con.
The build is pretty, I'll give it that. At least they made the jump to mesh, which surprisingly most haven't. A lot of the furniture isn't updated though, which makes me want to to pass out landmarks to everyone yet again. Overall so far, it strikes me as a place that is seemingly trying to step into 2015 instead of lingering in 2009.

It got worse, though, and finally I called for a mod.
[20:03] Second Life: Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy) has given you this notecard:
! "Hor-Intake Registration"Name: Date:
Do you want to keep it? "Mute" will block all future offers or messages from Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy).
[20:03] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): fill ouht the intake registration and return to me in a moment
[20:04] Disco Chicken (DiscoChicken): I don't understand this. Am I supposed to fill this out IC or OOC?
[20:04] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): OOC
[20:04] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): anything i tell you in here is OOC
[20:04] Disco Chicken (DiscoChicken): Oh, no thanks then. I prefer to keep it all IC :D
[20:04] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): now fill that out
[20:04] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): NO
[20:04] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): fill that out
[20:04] Disco Chicken (DiscoChicken): No thank you!
[20:04]Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): or you do not get processsed in the system
[20:04] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): so it will make you forever a kettle slave
[20:05] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): alright then
[20:05] Disco Chicken (DiscoChicken): So you are going to punish me IC, for not doing something OOC?
[20:05] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): accept the group also
[20:05] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): i sent group invite
[20:05] Disco Chicken (DiscoChicken): Answer my question, please.
[20:05] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): i sent group invite
[20:05] Disco Chicken (DiscoChicken): I'd like to speak to a moderator.
[20:05] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): one moment
[20:08] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): you are wasting time i sent you these things you need the group to be in the kennels i am processing you correctly I give every single person here that document to fill out to be put on the waiting list and every single person returns it to me. you need group chat so that way you can actually be a part of the kennels is all i am saying
[20:09] Disco Chicken (DiscoChicken): All I ask is that we keep a clear separation of IC and OOC. In this IM, I am not a slave. Please don't treat me like one. By threatening me with IC punishment for not filling out a notecard that basically says Name/Date, which you also stated was purely OOC, you crossed a line.
[20:09] Disco Chicken (DiscoChicken): I would still like to speak with a moderator, please.
[20:10] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): This is clear i am not speaking of you as a slave in any way
[20:10] Slaver Guy (SlaverGuy): i am talkiing to you as a human being
[20:10] Disco Chicken (DiscoChicken): Alright, then I must have misinterpreted your tone. My apologies. My statement stands though, I will not be punished IC for something OOC. I would still like to speak to a moderator.
[20:11] Disco Chicken (DiscoChicken): Could you please give me a moderator's name?

At this point he stopped responding, but I did a little poking about in the groups and found a mod, or presumably one. I think he might be the sim owner. +1 because he was actually helpful. He sent a mod right over!
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Sabina Takakura
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Re: Rovere

Postby Sabina Takakura » Wed Aug 05, 2015 11:42 pm

TL;DR, the mod was helpful and direct. Listened to both sides, asked me politely to accept the group, commended the man for his service IC and OOC to the city, but politely requested that he take pains to make certain there was no mixing of IC and OOC.
I was very, very, happy with how it was handled, and the RP resumed. No harm, no foul, no reason to get pissy.

While the RP twice ended up sketchy, I'm going to continue to give it a go because the mods were adult, well spoken, and quite efficient. Yeah there was a derp, but derp happens, you know? So long as RP happens, that's all that matters.

I'm wary, but the writer in me is obligated to follow the story, so stay tuned for Sabi's slave adventures!
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Re: Rovere

Postby Leah » Thu Aug 06, 2015 12:47 am

You know, I wanna say I'm shocked, but I could swear that Rovere has been around a while...and they've been that way since they started.

I may be mixing them with another R-named sim, tho.

You have way more endurance than I do, Sab. I'd have been like, "Okay bye" halfway thru.
This isn't fucking Survivor. We aren't a tribe.

If I won't put up with an in-character owner trying to control my OOC life, what makes you think I'll put up with you trying to do that?

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Sabina Takakura
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Re: Rovere

Postby Sabina Takakura » Thu Aug 06, 2015 1:16 am

LMAO Leah <3

So it got worse, unfortunately.
Good news is, I found yet another slave who was awesome to RP with. They were chilling out, talking about their pasts, even got into this nice story where they were debating if love was even real. Good shit. The type of RP that makes it all worth it.
Then of course, the inevitable happens. We get interrupted and so my gal gets saucy and tries to seduce a man. That's her thing, you know? Lettin that slut flag fly free bb.
Anyway, the response she was given was that she should have her lips burned shut because she spoke at all. At all.
Naturally, my character was like "Oh yeah that thing I had to do, bye." and turned to go. While waiting on responses from the rest, I was unfortunately not given a text response, but just downed immediately via meter.
What. The. Actual. Fuck.
He spat some nonsense IC, then walked off before I could again, type a response. I emoted being unconscious and out for the rest of the night, and FINALLY went off to go shop.

Conclusion: I may, if I'm feeling adventurous, give it one more go. I have a feeling that although I'm certain the sim owner and mods know the difference between IC and OOC, very few others do on sim.
Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll kill me before the notecard chores and IC quizzes take place.

Oh, did I forget to mention that? They quiz you. IC. About gorean drinks. Because my character who is a bred slave wouldn't know what the fuck Paga is.
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Re: Rovere

Postby Tamar Luminos » Thu Aug 06, 2015 12:31 pm


I'm with Leah, I wish I could say I was surprised, but I'd totally be lying. I'm actually more surprised when people don't cross IC and OOC in Gor and are friendly and polite in IM's, sad to say. If I didn't love the setting so much I'd have totally given up on it long ago, but...I do, so every so often, I try to dip my toes back in. Nice that the admins/mods at least have been good to work with, that's always great to see.

Sabina- thank you for writing this up. It's been entertaining, and you have dealt with it with a good nature and a sense of humor, both of which are refreshing to see. I look forward to the continuation, even if I'm pretty sure I know how it'll end, I'm always rooting for a surprise twist. LOL :popcorn:
" take truth for granted is not to know it. Truth not won is not possessed. We are not entitled to truths for which we have not fought." --- (Marauders of Gor, p.7)
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Sabina Takakura
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Re: Rovere

Postby Sabina Takakura » Thu Aug 06, 2015 7:28 pm

to be honest, the only thing keeping me around is the other slaves. Every time I've been in RP with a slave, it's been amazing. They're wonderful and dynamic characters, and the story takes hold.
It's the free characters that are severely lacking LOL.

I was hoping to last a few days at least, if only just avoiding any free character. If I can just seek out slaves for RP, I think it'll be a good time. I don't get why people dis them so much. They're seriously the best RP in the sim. Pretty much the only RP here.

The "Chores" thing is really beginning to grate on me though. I'm dealing with it IC, of course, but I don't know what everyone's obsession is with chores. It's kind of creepy when you think about it. It stopped being fun when people IC throw out the word "Princess"
90% sure that's not a gorean thing, right? Idk. Other than the couple of amazing slave roleplayers I've met, there is no real value to the city. No story. Seriously odd expectations that are OOC on the slaves, and the free roleplay is just terrible.

I think it's time I move on, because it's clear they can't separate OOC and IC, and don't want to deal with things IC. The admins/mods might have their shit together, but the player base doesn't. Wish them all the best of luck, but there are a lot of fixes that need be done.

1) Stop with the chores thing. Not only is it NOT BtB, but it does nothing but hamper RP. Slaves didn't work constantly. There are plenty of quotes to support this if you really need it.
2) Promote RP with slaves that is something other than serving/sex/chores. They're intelligent creatures, amazing writers, and as I stated above, probably the best roleplayers on sim. Reward that. They have their own stories waiting to be told, but can't, because they are actually told NOT TO SPEAK AT ALL.
3) Make clear divisions of OOC and IC. Slaves do not need to be sent notecards on how to RP, or on character creation. They have that down, trust me. Unless you're sending it to everyone, don't insult the intelligence of the slaves by doing this. (Yes, it's done.)
4) Promote basic manners in RP. Don't walk away before a person is finished posting, don't IM them with book quotes to metagame or powergame them.
5) Don't powergame them. Teach the free that roleplaying FOR a slave is a bad idea. If you think it's appropriate to send notecards on how to RP to the slaves, you should be sending one out to the free with the same topics, or even add some in like "Don't be a douchecanoe and emote the slave's responses."
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Re: Rovere

Postby Sasi » Fri Aug 07, 2015 1:39 am

Your experience, Sabina has been mince every time I tried to RP a slave in state kennels of a few sims.... I id my best to shut up and make an effort to go with their rules, but at the end, I awlays failed... And I got tired to state that I didn't want any IC and OOC mixing (was threatened to be punished because I wanted to decide that had to be written on my meter tag), that no, my Gorean native and adult woman character didn't need to be taught about Gorean foods and drinks (good sense applies, do you need to reach the adult age, in RL, to be taugh what is a potato?), the onlineisms, the imposed RP, to be considered a noob because RPing a slave, etc.... Impossible to shut up, even when you decided to be patient. At the end, you speak your mind (OOCly) and for these people, you are the troublemaker, the princess, the drama maker etc....

I gave up....
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Manon Seid
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Re: Rovere

Postby Manon Seid » Fri Aug 07, 2015 4:29 am

Well fought!!

Looking forward to hearing the continuation - wether in Rovere or somewhere else.
I feel inspired to go try this approach out in various sims too - you think they would sharpen up if they all got reviews like this on forums?
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