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Re: WoW Help

Postby Victor. » Tue Feb 22, 2011 1:50 pm

Aseptimus wrote:
Victor. wrote:It works? :shock:

If other healers pull off 5k heals on a stacked target and (even after the 'hotfix') smiters pull off their 40k non-crit heals on them regardless. I'd say it's pretty damn crucial to HAVE a smiter with you.

I'm simply not thrilled to see most guilds around me merge to 25 man raids because hardmodes just are so much easier if you don't depend on a optimal roster and can do away with a couple of fails. Makes me wonder why they put such great emphasis on homogenisation for the add-on if they now pretty much screw it again.

Just as conclave is barely doable and/or so much harder without a rogue - halfus is not quite the same encounter with smite abuses. And I still don't get why it doesn't get hotfixed so it actually is effected by MS effects too.. :clueless:

Now if guild reputation wouldn't be such a bitch...

Why is Conclave barely doable without a rogue?

We use hand of protection to clear the stacks when they get too high. It removes the debuff. Our shaman healer pulls as much healing as one of our smiters, the three of them top the meters. The advantage of the smite healers isn't how much healing they are doing, it's that they are doing reasonable DPS at the same time.

We also hand of protection/bubble combo on roar to ensure two healers are always clear to keep the tanks up.

Oops, didn't read that when it was posted. And you need a rogue or frost mage to clear the stacks on the Rohash platform.
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Re: WoW Help

Postby Aseptimus » Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:45 pm

Victor. wrote:Oops, didn't read that when it was posted. And you need a rogue or frost mage to clear the stacks on the Rohash platform.

Rogues make it easier, but it is doable without. Just makes the strategy more trying.
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Re: WoW Help

Postby Leah » Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:19 am

This isn't fucking Survivor. We aren't a tribe.

If I won't put up with an in-character owner trying to control my OOC life, what makes you think I'll put up with you trying to do that?

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