Do you seek to ascend the "nine steps of blood"?

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Do you seek to ascend the "nine steps of blood"?

Postby Conrad » Sun Nov 01, 2015 4:31 pm

Win a place on the path to ascend the "9 Steps of Blood” and become a member of the Caste of Assassins if you are the one at the top. Only 2 spots left of 8.

For the next few days, tour OOC the Black Court, the central coordination center for Caste organization, where training, client contact, and dark workings are in store.
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Re: Do you seek to ascend the "nine steps of blood"?

Postby Garian » Sun Nov 01, 2015 4:37 pm


Conrad (AchlysNightfire) and I developed this training program from our experiences in the Caste and the latest books, including the "nine steps of blood" in Rebels of Gor, Chapter 29 and 62.

Training shall commence at the Black Court (formerly called Night Court), a new build from Samael (Alix.Falconer).

Assassin, client, and messenger roleplayers may also tour the build OOC and we will soon have openings for those roles.


"In the heart of every male, there is a Gorean, even if only a secret, concealed Gorean."
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