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Seeking -IC!- training role play for recently-collared, former FW

Posted: Fri Oct 28, 2016 7:20 am
by Ronin Renilo
Ok, so it's not that the typist needs to be taught anything. She's read all the books and has a memory for them that, frankly, leaves me somewhat shocked. I've read the NC's for the big "BTB" slave houses out there and they all seem to be of the same sort; that is to say that they all insist upon NC'd chores and inane things like cooking (all seeming to rest on the OOC assumption, warranted or not, that the player doesn't know how to do these things...I can readily assure all readers of this post that she does!)

So I'm looking for players who play slave trainers and who know their shit and will not expect to role play the sort of rote school-learning that most of these NC's seem to require. I'm looking for players who will role play what is interesting in terms of story in training a recently-collared and still-proud former FW. Not chores, not school, not homework, but story (and the difference here is massive).

This training will not be intended to ascertain, ooc'ly, that the typist knows how a slave ought to prepare a meal or how to NC a chore (because A: she does and B: such things seem a rather outmoded holdover from less-developed stages in the evolution of BTB role play in SL). This training is intended to convincingly portray the process of an FW learning her collar. This training is intended to further story.