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[Political RP] The new colony of Sirionus

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 9:16 pm
by Anarch Allegiere
Welcome to the thread of what could be considered the "chronicles of Sirionus", a new-found colony on far-western shorelines, uncharted gorean territory across a vast ocean. Sirionus is a political roleplay / forum-game where we the masses get to influence the decisions made by the administration of Sirionus, there'll be a weekly "poll" to introduce a new "event" about which people can discuss the best course of action, roleplay, and vote on solutions for events to determine the future of Sirionus.

Sirionus, the name of the new port on the shores of a new continent far across the western ocean of Gor. The Admiral had named the colony after himself. Tyros' had reluctantly approved to send a fleet of people to these newly discovered islands, in the hope that these new lands would bring them riches and an abundance in resources for their future military plans.

The gorean outdoors appeared bland and old compared to these new lush exotic lands. The trees were sturdier, the grass a more endurable green and the wildlife even less untamed than on the mainland of Gor, at least that's what most colonists believed. And who could blame them, as the untamed and untouched nature of these exotic lands would make all that could admire these fresh landscapes for the first time gaze in disbelief.

The first few evenings on the island were celebrated by drinking empty the last few remaining kegs of paga that came shipped with the colonists. The colony started out small, about 250 people and a whole bunch of trade goods, a limited amount of weaponry, a dozen slaves and food supplies, necessary until the peasants would be able to provide the colony with their own grown vegetables and the meat of slaughtered bosks.

After the colony had been setup and the basic workings of the economy had been established by the sweat of the low caste, the cunning of the merchant castes who were secretly trying to make sure they'd make more profit from the colony than Tyros' treasury would, and the coordination of the Caste of Builders things went to a pretty peaceful pace. It wouldn't take long until the first few complaints about the quality of life came to surface. The general population seemed rather upset that they no longer had access to paga, the Caste of Builders was rather detached from the colony and had seen this all mostly as a grand scientific project to establish a perfect economy and they obviously had found it more important to invest in modern architecture for the High Caste buildings, rather than build a paga-industry and a handful of other luxuries that the colonists used to have back in Tyros.

The novelty of an exotic island quickly vanished before the High Castes as well as they started to realize they didn't have access to many of the luxurious goods and services of the city of Tyros either anymore. The beaches lost their appeal after a few swimmers got attacked by striped Grunts (large sharks) and the tea-rooms were quickly filled with the complaints of a lack of large luxurious baths. Some peasants however had found a grand lake and some waterfalls hidden deep into the jungles, but they decided to keep it as a secret before some arrogant Red Castes would chase them away from their little personal paradise and claim the place for themselves.

To make matters worse the entire colony was surprised by a raid upon the farmlands. A few dozen peasants were slaughtered and captured before the totally unsuspecting Red Caste and mercenaries could react to the assault. After torturing one of the captured raiders it turned out that they came from a city called "Tokimasa" somewhere on these unknown lands. The peasants had warned before about sightings of strangers in the forests, but the handful of Initiates had declared it nonsense and even removed the tongue of one of the men that kept going on and on about some men in the forests wearing cloaks made of the fur of the local wildlife. The residents of Sirionus strongly believed they were the first humans to settle in these lands after all.

And as if that was not bad enough, Tyros' soon came to demand part of the resources the colony had produced, only to disappear with it again across the ocean without as much as a thank you. The disgruntled people of the colony were left behind in poverty and the farmers were too frightened to work the fields any further.

And so the story of Sirionus begins. Feel free to post random storylines, backgrounds or some personalities of some people of the colony to this thread and to suggest some future events. I'm playing the "Game Master" of this political RP game and am keeping track of some of the statistics of Sirionus, all you people need to worry about is the storyline and to perhaps convince others for what solutions they should vote.

Only the 3 highest results of this poll will be applied as decisions made by the citizens of Sirionus. Poll ends in 6 days after which the results will be made known... and the story continues. (With better writing next time :p ).

Re: [Political RP] The new colony of Sirionus

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 9:19 pm
by Anarch Allegiere

Re: [Political RP] The new colony of Sirionus

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:23 am
by Anarch Allegiere
Chapter 1: A new beginning.

The High Council had gathered, at least that's how they liked to call themselves. This entire expedition had been a rather unsettling experience and being so distant from their home-city Tyros made everything seem alien. Most of the men who had any direct affiliation with the Tyros administration were the higher ranked Red Castes, who had been specifically instructed to prevent any kind of activities that might make the colonists forget they were citizens of Tyros first of all, and inhabitants of Sirionus only secondly. Either way Admiral Sirionus had found no better than to organize the administration of the colony as a copy of that of Tyros, thus he had appointed some of the High Castes as members of this Sirionus High Council, who all had been given different missions and tasks from their Caste superiors in Tyros. Only the High-Initiate Punito had found reason to visit this new colony and he had kept himself isolated most of the time, leaving the mundane task of leading and organizing the colony to the other High Castes.

Except for the so-called "High Council" gathering he had found a reason to leave his quarters. He was late and that had been his intention all along, Marcus-Persicus the sole Captain of the Red Castes had the word and was urging the High Council to free some of the few remaining resources to strengthen the mercenary company of which he was put in charge.

"The colony is in chaos. The low castes are aggresively refusing to continue their work in the farmlands, the economy is paralyzed, the merchants are expecting us to solve this mess immediately and there are too many that question the authority of this council. They are foolishly waiting for word and reinforcements from Tyros!"
"Foolish?" - reacted Punito, "Who is the fool here? You've no right to call yourself a High Council. Our High Council is in Tyros and you should simply follow their orders until you'd get new ones."
Marcus bowed his head in respect to Punito, who was in fact the only real official High Council member of Tyros among them all. Punito's presence had surprised most of the High Castes, he had not shown his face in months.
"With all respect, Blessed One!" - continued Marcus "Without a local council we would fall into anarchy, we can't wait endlesly for word of Tyros to solve all our problems."
"Then call yourself the 'council of common problems'. The next man, woman or child I hear referring to this common rabble as 'High Council' will be personally reported to Tyros as a traitor by me. Which in fact should be your task instead, Captain of Tyros." - Punito retorted in a foul mood. "Now let this council of common problems continue... let's hear what these so called urgent problems are."
"Yes, High Initiate." - Marcus defeatedly replied.

It soon was clear that the colony indeed was in despair and chaos, as every complaint brought forth just made it clearer how discontent everyone was with being here, but Punito was not impressed with any of the complaints made. At best some of the suggested solutions made him yawn instead of shake his head disapprovingly until he finally shouted out:
"You are indeed a common rabble! There are no problems! Tell your Warriors and mercenaries to patrol the woods instead of laying around lazily on the beaches and kill some of the peasants until they continue their duty on the farmlands!"
"What about the outlaws?" - Marcus asked, referring to the raiders who had attacked their farmlands.
"Are you an idiot, boy? If there had been anything to fear around here we would have known about them centuries ago. They're just some outlaws like you say, lost pirates that stranded here and now live in animal-skins and breed bastard-sons with the ugly deck-slaves of their ships."
Most of the council seemed to nod their head in agreement, the High Initiate was rather convincing, and they rather believed his words than to dwell on fear of a hostile city nearby.
Marcus however remained silent, he was convinced that these raiders were more organized than a mere bunch of bastard pirate-sons, but he would not dare to disagree with the High Initiate.

(( results of the first poll will be applied in the poll ends to continue the storyline ))

Re: [Political RP] The new colony of Sirionus

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:42 pm
by Anleifr
The day dawned over Thassa as Crispinus stared to the east. Here in the islands to the far west he had chosen to seek his fortune. Having decided his father was never going to die and pass along his tavern in the great city of Tyros, not that Crispinus was going to inherit the tavern anyway as long as his brother was around, he had sold his house and purchased two slaves along with several barrels of paga and some very nice Ka la na wines. He had booked passage on the great ship heading out to found a new colony.

Who would have thought there would be no way to replenish the Paga. Even the last ship from Tyros had not carried anything but men insistant upon collecting tribute and nothing more. Almost as if they had no use for the new colony of Sirionus and its inhabitants. There was even a High Council member here and still no respect was given us.

But still here he was with the little wood tavern on the edge of the docks, wondering if his plea, not to mention the bribe he paid the captain for more paga on the return trip, would be effective. The girls, certainly had earned their keep the last few nights he thought as he jingled the pouch at his belt. Now he would see if those men he had spoken to would show up for the secret meeting he had called to decide what to do about Marcus-Persicus and his insistence on waiting for Tyros to give the orders.