Shadow Realms

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Shadow Realms

Postby Cassie » Wed Aug 13, 2014 10:38 pm

So I watched the trailer. A few seconds of young people being told they are chosen and well not really understanding anything. They are all real actors and aside some epic music and few glimpses of real super natural seems more like the premise for a tv show which seems exactly to be what BIOWARE is trying to go after with this ehmmm MMPORG?

Also seems it works in groups of 4 people having to cooperate (random grouping?) and the storyline is developed like a tv show little by little.

As they mentioned going back to their roots (what roots BIO has??) and pen and paper style (Wooho!) I was intrigued. Can't say I will let hype get the best of me just yet. ... -austin-pc
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