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Re: Mass Effect 3

Postby Username » Mon Mar 19, 2012 5:23 am

Game is good up until the last 30 minutes or so. I thought my passion for videogames was completely gone. And yet, I hate the ending (singular, not plural, because really...) of Mass Effect 3 with the force of a thousand suns.

Also, I must admit I liked the party characters spread a lot more in ME2, and I'm a bit miffed that my favorite character is the DLC one.

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Although, I wish they would have done something more with how Liara handed the discovery that the Prothean were basically intergalatic douchebags. Javik is a fucking boss.
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Re: Mass Effect 3

Postby -Scar- » Mon Mar 19, 2012 3:48 pm

I didn't mind the ending(s) too much, but they're definitely a step down from the previous two games. Hardly what I'd call the epic ending I'd have expected from the series at all, and there's plenty of plot holes in it and stuff left unexplained. There's also a couple of glaring Chekov guns in the story as well. Which is a shame, as the rest of the game is pretty good (if disappointingly short).
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Korben Larkham
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Re: Mass Effect 3

Postby Korben Larkham » Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:12 pm

I wouldn't say it was the bestest ending ever. But I'm not irate about it either.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sum total of the game.

And, the multiplayer has been surprisingly boss.

Chron, you won't go wrong if you pick it up tomorrow. If you wait and get it on sale, you'll be an even bigger winner.

Winning either way, there.
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Re: Mass Effect 3

Postby ~pancake~ » Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:30 pm

Korben Larkham wrote:
. . .

/me faints at seeing his name.
/me recovers long enough to kiss him then promptly faints again.

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Re: Mass Effect 3

Postby Allison Millet » Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:07 pm

Yea javik and liara as squad mates when your a adept, talk about biotic beat down, but its also funny because there both like a complete set of angels on your shoulders, where javik tells me to kill everything, liara tells me to save everything.

But yea overall I mean Im not irate, I was a bit more at first because I stayed up late beating it and was like...what... that's it...are you F*ing kidding me but I'm over it, disappointing yes, but not franchise ruining like some claim. If anything it sparked me to go back and play 1 and 2 for fun.....
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Re: Mass Effect 3

Postby Glaucon » Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:11 pm

I read this:

BioShock creator and Irrational Games founder Ken Levine is saddened by the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy. Speaking at the Smithsonian's "Art of Video Games" exhibit last weekend (attended by Vox Games), the longtime designer called the situation "an important moment" for the industry.

The Mass Effect 3 ending controversy doesn't sit well with Levine.
Levine said fans will be let down if BioWare decides to craft a different ending to Mass Effect 3. He added that if the studio does design an alternate ending, neither BioWare nor fans will be satisfied.

"I think if those people got what they wanted and (BioWare) wrote their ending they would be very disappointed in the emotional feeling they got because…they didn't really create it," he said. "I think this whole thing is making me a little bit sad because I don't think anyone would get what they wanted if that happened."

BioWare-Mythic senior creative director Paul Barnett was also in attendance at the event. He said authors of artwork should have total control over their creations, referencing J.K. Rowling and the conclusion to the Harry Potter saga.

"If computer games are art than I fully endorse the author of the artwork to have a statement about what they believe should happen," Barnett said. "Just as J.K. Rowling can end her books and say that is the end of Harry Potter. I don't think she should be forced to make another one."
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Re: Mass Effect 3

Postby Theoden » Mon May 27, 2013 3:42 am

So. Anyone see the new Extended Cut DLC where it elaborates more on the ending and answers more questions?

Anyone play the new Citadel DLC, where you spend one last mission with your squad mates and bring closure to the series?

I've been obsessed over this game for the last two months, since those DLCs came out.

I even listen to mass effect soundtracks at work. watching mass effect videos on youtube constantly.

I don't know why, but I'm so sad the game ended. I've missed the characters so much and in such desire for a happy epilogue that I've even resorted to reading mass effect fanfic for my femshep + liara romance <3

My laptop background is of a fan art of femshep with his squad eating and singing karoke. I have fan art of femshep with tali, garrus and mordin on the beach, collecting seashells.

I guess, when you've grown attached to such characters over the course of three games you have a desire for a happily ever after.

Especially with femshep and liara.

I love the Citadel DLC. Hands down, it was the best DLC ever. It played more the person to person interactions that made the series great.

I've heard of people playing the Citadel DLC after the game ending, and pretending that was the Epilogue... that it was not a party while on the mission to stop the reapers, but rather a party to celebrate the end of the war.

I think I'm going to do that... for my next playthrough. Manshep and Tali. Gonna start with ME1, ME2, ME3 all the way,

I think there is a happy ending, with the extended cut. it elaborates that the Destroy ending isn't that bad. that though technology is damaged, things could still be rebuilt.

Hands down, High EMS + Destroy ending is the best choice for the ending.

Yes, the Geth die. Yes, EDI dies. But hey, EDI is a supporting character. Mordin and Thane die too, supporting characters just have to die.

The geth, whose to know that in the future they won't get into conflict with organics again?

The only reason why you guys would choose to save these synthetics is the false assumption that they are alive. But they are not. Now I've spent hours talking to EDI, talking to Legion, exploring the tech singularity and my first ending, I became convinced that the synthesis was the best ending, morally. It brings together themes throughout the entire series.

But with the extended cut, the EDI voiceover says, 'it is only now, that I am alive.'
She says only after the synthesis, she is alive.

Though EDI came close, she never fully understood organics. Though the geth had reaper code uploaded into them, the reaper code in the geth was only 'indicative' of life. But they never got the full characteristic.

The geth and EDI , in the end, are just highly advanced AIs that never actually become alive.

Legion asks Tali, "Does this one have a soul?" and she replies yes.

He may have come close to it, but I don't think he actually accomplished it, due to the extended cut and EDI's voiceover.

Thus, High EMS saves shepards life, so she can fulfill her promise to return back to liara and have little blue children and have a happily ever after.

the geth would die, but they weren't alive in the first place, and could always be a future threat to organics. the in game texts always wrote that they were allied... for now, but relations between the quarians and the geth aren't that stable yet, despite the geth helping the quarians rebuild their home.

and EDI is just a supporting character, like thane and mordin. Not something to sacrifice Shepard, the savior of the Galaxy, for. Not something to make Shepard break her promise to Liara.

And finally, Destroy ending is what Captain Anderson and Hackett would have chosen.

The Catalyst would prefer you to do control or optimally, synthesis. Perhaps it was better to choose something other than he would have wanted.

The music for the Destroy ending was of triumph, of reflection but hope in the future.

the music for Control was insidious and gloomy, when you make Shepard into a demi-god, and its especially scary when you consider that he doesn't even consider himself a man anymore and separates his past life from what he was before. His words of being a 'guardian to the many' doesn't bring me comfort. I feel like he would be instead viewed as a tyrant.

Synthesis... it's just too big of a change. You can't have one man decide the final evolution of all life in the galaxy and make them all change the very core of their beings. It's just too radical an ending.

In Destroy, yes, there's a risk that the prophecy of synthetics becoming dominant again and wiping out organic life might happen. But if shepard survives to tell the tale of his encounter with the catalyst, and he does survive in the high EMS destroy ending, i'm sure his words as Savior of the Galaxy would have great merit and credence. If he tells them to enact the strictest of laws throughout the galaxy, that it was due to the creation of synthetics in the first place that caused the reapers to exist... I'm sure people would listen to him.

besides, in control and synthesis, shepard dies and liara cries, placing the placard of his name to the memorial of the dead.

in high EMS destroy, liara is about to place the placard on the wall, but then stops herself, then smiles and looks hopeful, as if she still had hope that shepard lived.

And then you have that ending where shepard breathes.

The citadel wasn't completely destroyed, shepard indeed would have survived it all. The Extended Cut dlc elaborates on that with pictures of the Citadel. It was heavily damaged but still solid, and could be repaired over time through the combined effort of all races.

though the fleet zipped out of the system before the pulse was shot from the citadel (extended cut addition), a shuttle on earth could have made its way to the citadel to check if shepard survived. they knew he was up there. and they would of course send a shuttle to check on him. in the Extended cut dlc, you can see the citadel not that damaged as the old ending showed. In the extendedcut, it showed the fleet using conventional FTL drive to get back to the sol system, despite using the relay to try to escape the pulse.

So definitely, in the years down the road, shepard would get patched up and meet everyone again, and my femshep and liara can go get married and have lil blue babies :D

the first four would be named thane, mordin, edi and legion :P


1. Extended cut dlc and citadel dlc is great! play it!

2. Extended Cut + High EMS Destroy ending is the best happily ever after ending. choose it!

3. Citadel is sooo worth the money. It's like a sitcom.
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Re: Mass Effect 3

Postby Glaucon » Mon May 27, 2013 5:39 am

I had played Mass Effect 2 for a bit, then decided to get and play all of the series, but I somehow left off playing a good part into number one. Maybe because it is a bit old. The dialogue and such is good quality (bioware, after all), but the fighting (of which there was a lot) got a bit boring. Maybe I should pick it up again, though. (Though I doubt that, for me, the series will beat Kotor and Dragon Age: Origins).

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