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Postby Tantus » Sun Oct 12, 2014 7:16 pm

Life Is Feudal was being developed as an MMO, except the developers are desperate for funding. So they've released 'Life is Feudal:Your Own'.

It's like a mini-MMO which you can host on your own private server, for 64 players. I gave it a brief run when it was released(Sept), this week I'll have time to give it a better go...

Official Trailer:

In this game you literally start out naked in the woods. Then establish your settlement(anywhere on the map!) and work your way up to producing iron tools.
Forward the vid to about 8mins in, it's just a walk through the woods before the meeting.

Pitchfork raiders!

There were a couple of hundred servers open on the first week. And now, the list looks closer to 2,000! But not all are populated.

Definitely worth a look for a sandbox experience.

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