Who would you rather be owned by?

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Who would you rather be owned by?

A great rper, who plays a low caste and would use you as a work slave.
A great rper, who plays a low caste and would use you as a work slave.
A great rper who is high caste and would use you as a pleasure slave.
A great rper who is high caste and would use you as a pleasure slave.
Total votes: 64
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Ceri the Urt
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Re: Who would you rather be owned by?

Postby Ceri the Urt » Sat Apr 02, 2011 7:53 am

I made the poll really simple because I didn't want complicated answers LOL. I wanted a "what I might prefer more" kind of answers. Of course we would all probably go with whoever we clicked with best...which is why I put "great rper" for both. Great rper would cover everything from "perfect for me, interacts great with others". I wanted to really simplify the poll to see what people truly prefer for themselves.

While I will rp with anyone who is a fantastic rper...I myself like low caste better I think it offers a lot more rp opportunity for me. I am not talking about being a slave out in the field plowing..."low caste" encompasses a lot...and most low caste probably wouldn't be able to even afford a slave (peasants and what not). But, merchants are low caste, bakers, slavers, sailors etc etc, and rping with someone who is struggling for coin, debating chopping off the slaves hair to get it, or using her as a lure, or sending her out as a coin girl is always fun.
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Re: Who would you rather be owned by?

Postby ... » Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:18 pm

Both. Depends which character I'm playing. I like variety and challenge, and have had intense and amazing scenes with people playing high caste and low caste alike.
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Re: Who would you rather be owned by?

Postby Fritha » Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:10 am

Oh dear sadly it does not work like this. I play low caste of course, and there is the farm to role play on. I don't know how good a role player I am. Still, a work slave could have fun there with the breedable animals and so on, and travelling to cities to trade. There is also Port Olni very close by.

However, I was once told, that it was impossible for a woman to get a slave, and this has turned out to be true. So the poll is not quite accurate. It should say, would you be a work slave for a low caste MAN.
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Danika Stenvaag
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Re: Who would you rather be owned by?

Postby Danika Stenvaag » Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:21 am

usher ... followed by taio cruz a close second ... it's their music ...

i'm being as ass of course, just kiddin ha ... pushin dem buttons ... real answer: no one. i'm not a slave. but if i ever got captured and collared then i'd hope a really good rper ... work or pleasure wouldn't be up to me to decide if i ever got caught ...
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stiller Himmel
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Re: Who would you rather be owned by?

Postby stiller Himmel » Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:01 pm

uncomplicated answer: Pleasure slave.

Why? Because courteous, Courtesan like characters are one of my favourite characters ever. I'm a cat, not a bosk. And if he/she is a great RPer, he/she could deliver the circumstances in which my slave character can shine...work slave...yikes!
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Re: Who would you rather be owned by?

Postby Skye » Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:29 am

Can't really answer from the slave's standpoint, but I can share my own experiences with my own slave.

This girl was on the personal chain of a VERY rich slaver. He didn't make any real demands on her, and gave her the bare minimum of rp to get her installed as a house ornament. Basically, she was bored as hell. So I borrowed her a few times and made her into a pack mule on my various trips to different places. Eventually, we worked out that I would buy her, but the slaver was quite jealous of his chain and priced her out of pretty much anyone's reach, even though he didn't do anything with her (Status symbol perhaps? blah)

So I starting digging around in some oh his shadier practices and exposed them, whereupon he pretty much gave her to me to shut me up. :)

I am of the warrior caste, but am not rich by any means. I live in a yurt by the river LOL. However, I am out and about all over the place, constantly keeping busy in my quest to fulfill my warrior duties, make a bit more coin, competing in tournaments for the honor of my homestone, and just generally keeping entirely too busy. And now I get to drag her cute blonde ass around with me for everything. She seems to be far happier, as she doesn't get to get on SL as much, and I'll keep her well-immersed in rp, even though I may not be the best of para-rp'ers. At least I can give her something to do...

Skye of the Sardar
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Re: Who would you rather be owned by?

Postby Sempati » Wed Jun 29, 2011 12:49 pm

Addie wrote:While having a good roleplayer of any caste would be great, I believe low caste is so much more enjoyable. Not to mention I see the role of a pleasure slave becoming somewhat tedious and perhaps even dull. Sometimes sex and pleasure is enjoyable, but if you are used daily, even weekly, I think it would get really boring.

I would much MUCH prefer being a work slave. I think it adds to my character, and gives me a little extra personality too, making me a better roleplayer, and challenging me. Just my thoughts.

I think this is more a product of the owner themselves and not being of high or low caste. Or perhaps Ven expects his slaves to be both work and pleasure slaves, they do not really get to sit around primping and preening all day in pleasure gardens. He isn't about to do his laundry, clean the house or tend the gardens. However, too much repetition of anything can get dull and boring, so takes some creativity and effort to keep out of those comfortable ruts we all slip into from time to time.
Of course now that the old man is truly retired from active duty he has a lot more time to spend with slaves and people in general. A year ago had maybe 10% of his time to dedicate to slave or FC....now that is closer to 50% if not more some days.
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Adam Zadeh
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Re: Who would you rather be owned by?

Postby Adam Zadeh » Wed Jun 29, 2011 2:24 pm

A slave is a slave. Unless she has been bred or trained for a very specialized task she could be a high slave one day and toiling in the kitchens the next.

A kajira chained to the loom in the mill could find her love Master.

That is the way of Gor.

So I 'm only going to speak about my girls, they choose the role...my bred pleasure slave served as a lowly coin girl for a few nights because she pissed me off. It really depends on how well they treat their Masters.

My point to all this rant is....it's the people that make up the RP. Working in the mines or serving a rich and powerful Ubar in the furs can be a great adventure if the people involved make it so.
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