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Re: (Slaves Only) How much time do you expect?

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:14 pm
by ~pancake~
Well this is a tricky question and I have no one single answer.

When I was owned by city kennels or slaving houses I expected no time. Perhaps a scene or two to get me into the house, but that's about it. I probably went to far at times when I'd get an IM from the slaver wondering what I've been up to and how come I was never in the kennel LOL but unless I needed them to forward a scene for me I was fine on my own.

For a private master or collar my expecations are a bit different, I would say that of any RP partner in any genre, but it's particularly important if you play a slave due to the limitations of the genre. I don't expect them to be online all the time, nor expect them to spend all their time with me especially if they have a business, sim stuff or OOC things to attend to. However, I'd be lying if I didn't say that spending a good portion of their RP'ing availability time together, developing our characters and our storyline wasn't important. Doesn't have to be one on one time, and as Kaitlin said I don't mind being window dressing or background, but time together is important to me.

I have refused collars and asked release under these circumstances in the past, due to lack of RP time. Not because I expect 100% attention all the time, but because I never want to be an obligation or burden. If someone is just too busy, torn in too many directions to really have an RP partner, it's best to go our own way rather than let any bitterness develop. It doesn't mean you can't still RP together, certainly doesn't mean you can't still be friends, but that expectation of a joint storyline isn't there. I think that's part of why I enjoyed being a coin girl so much. People would show up to play, it's not like I was hard to find working the docks, and if I saw them again the next day, the next week, or never it was still a good time with no pressure on either side.

Re: (Slaves Only) How much time do you expect?

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:51 am
by Thyri
I remember having "the talk" with a very dear friend about what my expectations of someone as a RPer is. And even to this day my response is the same. 1 hour a week is all I EXPECT out of a RP partner. If they'd like to spend more time than that with my character? Great. If RL prevents contact then that's understandable. But with a RP committment or a RP partner, slave, companion, whatever... there is a level of expectation that is to be had. I think also there's the expectation that the other person be able to persue their own RP interests.

Its one thing to say "oh I dont care I can come up with things to do". But its quite the other thing if you're on the same sim as someone and you go days or weeks without plot driving interaction with each other. Even if the drive for the plot is maintaining the status quo. I believe we enter into RP relationships with people to have some interaction with someone because we like their RP style or they make our naughty bits tingle, or they're just overall good people. But if we enter into an RP relationship with someone, I think that part of it is because RP styles mesh.

So I dont think that you should only be with your RP partner. That would get really old really fast. But I also think that when you enter into a RP relationship with someone such as private slave or companion or whatever, I think you owe that person a portion of your online time because you enjoy being with that person in RP.

When you stop wanting to be with that person in RP, its time to end the relationship and not to drag things out unpleasantly because it only makes things worse in the end.